Gillespie Descendants
Sarah Gillespie
        Sarah Gillespie Smith, b. 1802   d. 1901
Sarah Gillespie Smith and John Smith
In 1839, Sarah Gillespie Smith and her husband,
John Smith, with their son George, age 5, arrived
in Canada from County Armagh in Northern Ireland,
to join her brothers, Robert and James Gillespie, in
Quebec. (All three were children of John Gillespie
and Sarah Woods Gillespie.)

They settled first on a farm at Bourg Louis,
near Quebec, and later moved to Point Levis. In
Canada, three daughters were born to them -
Anne Jane, Mary and Sarah.

Eventually they went to live with their son George,
at Hamilton, Ontario, where they spent their remaining
years. Some of their descendants still live at Hamilton,
Ontario. Sarah Smith survived her husband by four years
and died at the advanced age of 99.
Robert Gillespie

    Robert Gillespie ~ 1806-1871
Elizabeth Donaldson Gillespie

      Elizabeth Donaldson Gillespie ~ 1806-1895
Robert Gillespie and Elizabeth Donaldson Gillespie
Robert Gillespie, with his daughter, Mary Jane, came over from Northern Ireland in 1838, and started
work in Quebec. To earn passage money to bring his wife, Elizabeth Donaldson Gillespie, and
their other children to Quebec, he worked in the William and David Bell Pottery on the south side
of Little River. He also farmed for a time near Little River. He then decided to move to Michigan, U.S.A.,
and the family settled on a farm near Davisburg, where Robert spent the remainder of his life.
Following his death in 1871, Elizabeth Donaldson Gillespie lived in the home of her son, Alexander,
near Gaines, Michigan.

Their children were: Mary Jane, who married William Beasley and continued to live near Davisburg,
Alexander, who fought in the Civil War and married his cousin Sarah Gillespie, of Quebec (they
settled on a farm near Gaines, Michigan), Elizabeth, who married Franklin Winslow and located
nearby in Linden, Michigan, James, who married Bell Greer and moved to Denver, Colorado,
Harriet, who married Moses Parker and lived in Scottsville, Michigan, and Sarah, who married
William Husted and settled in Iowa.

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