Gillespie Descendants
Family Tree
Pedigree Chart
This basic chart reflects the first and second generations of the descendants of John Gillespie and
his second wife, Sarah Woods Gillespie. John Gillespie was born in Scotland and moved to County
Monaghan, and later to County Armagh in Northern Ireland. All four of his children
by Sarah Woods immigrated to North America, settling in Canada and Michigan.

John Gillespie
Born 1780 in Scotland,
whose father came from Glasgow
m. _________________________________
Sarah Woods (his second wife)
birthdate unknown
Sarah Gillespie
b. 1802
d. 1901
m. _____________________________
John Smith
birth date unknown

Robert Gillespie
b. 1806
d. 1871
m. _____________________________
Elizabeth Donaldson
b. 2-27-1806
d. 6-22-1895

James Gillespie
b. 4-20-1810
d. 10-8-1899
m. _____________________________
Mary Orr Jamieson
b. 3-3-1814
d. 2-25-1880

Alexander Gillespie
Birth date unknown
Contracted typhoid on ship to Canada
Died in hospital in Quebec
No known descendants

George Smith
Anne Jane Smith-Price
Mary Smith-Calback
Sarah Smith-Carmichael

Mary Jane Gillespie-Beasley
Alexander Gillespie* (married cousin Sarah Gillespie)
*fought in Civil War
Sarah Gillespie-Husted
Elizabeth Gillespie-Winslow
James K. Gillespie
Harriet Gillespie-Parker

Elizabeth Jane Gillespie-Buchanan
Mary Gillespie-LeRossignol-Henderson*
*wrote a book titled "Memories of My Early Years"
John Gillespie
Sarah Gillespie-Gillespie (married cousin Alexander Gillespie)
James Gillespie
Robert Gillespie
Alexander Gillespie
George A.S. Gillespie*
Agnes Gillespie-Ramsey
Margaret Gillespie-Jack-Neil
James Gillespie Robert and Sarah Gillespie Mt. Hermon Cemetery Pedigree Chart
General Gillespie George Gillespie